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peanut butter pretzel chocolate caramel cookies

July 28, 2014

My first instinct was to name these cookies sweet and salty cookies. You see, I was mindlessly snacking on a handful of peanut butter filled pretzels when I realized chocolate and caramel would elevate them from good to great. When my eye caught a milk ...

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peach almond tart

July 24, 2014

A ripe summer peach can stand on its own, especially when nearly bursting with sweet juices. Take that same peach and slice it over an almond (frangipane) filling and brown butter crust, and you have yourself a fine tart. If you’ve avoided tarts for fear ...

Thumbnail image for almond joy ice cream sandwiches

almond joy ice cream sandwiches

July 21, 2014

Coconut, almond, chocolate – a winning combination, if I’ve ever heard one. Though it’s been years since I’ve eaten an Almond Joy candy bar, the flavors are on point and the inspiration for these Almond Joy ice cream sandwiches. The creamy coconut ice cream is ...

Thumbnail image for blackberry ombre popsicles

blackberry ombre popsicles

July 17, 2014

These bright and bold blackberry ombre popsicles are my definition of edible art; don’t the varying shades of purple tempt you to take a bite? The pops are truly simple to make – I created gradual shades by dividing the blackberry puree into four bowls ...

Thumbnail image for blackberry lime thumbprint cookies

blackberry lime thumbprint cookies

July 14, 2014

Thumbprint cookies always remind me of jewels; I love the way the jam glistens in the center of each cookie. Though thumbprints often turn up at the holidays, there’s no reason not to break tradition and I’m doing just that with this blackberry lime variation. ...

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blueberry cinnamon rolls

July 10, 2014

Summer mornings in the kitchen are some of my favorites. As the cool breeze blows through before the temperatures climb, it’s the perfect window of peace and calm. After taking a week off from baking, I decided to break the fast with blueberry cinnamon rolls. ...

Thumbnail image for mint chocolate popsicles

mint chocolate popsicles

July 7, 2014

If you’ve ever grown fresh mint at home, you’ve probably discovered that the fragrant herb is incredibly fast growing and can easily overtake a flower bed. Though my mint is safely planted in its own container, the sprigs are spilling over with abundance. Taking a ...

Thumbnail image for coconut zucchini bread

coconut zucchini bread

July 3, 2014

If your love for coconut runs deep, this coconut zucchini bread is for you. Toasted coconut, coconut milk, and coconut oil give this quick bread a triple hit of coconut, and in my mind, that’s a very good thing. The bread bakes up soft and ...