brown butter pear crumb cake

As summer wanes, it’s time for an easy crumb cake to usher us right into fall. Brown butter and spice (cinnamon, allspice, cardamom) work their magic on this cozy cake, dotted with tender pear slices and sprinkled with plenty of buttery crumb.

Brown Butter Pear Crumb Cake | Tutti Dolci

A slice of tender crumb cake for breakfast with hot coffee is my idea of heaven. This is one cake worth chasing down every last crumb!

Brown Butter Pear Crumb Cake | Tutti Dolci

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No-Bake Chocolate Cherry Almond Bars | Tutti Dolci

no-bake chocolate cherry almond bars

These are the bars I reach for to refuel after a run or when I’m dashing out the door with no time for breakfast. Infinitely versatile and customizable, no-bake oat bars are a blank canvas ready to be jazzed up with your favorite mix-ins. Dried cherries add a welcome sweet-tart bite and the chocolate drizzle…

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Easiest Chocolate Cupcakes | Tutti Dolci

easiest chocolate cupcakes

I won’t pretend there’s anything revolutionary about the chocolate cupcake; a quick Google search pulls up more than 12 million results. And yet, sometimes a chocolate cupcake is just what you need, be it an odd Wednesday or for your coworker’s birthday or as a thank you to the house sitter… you get the idea….

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Salted Caramel Almond Crunch Cookies | Tutti Dolci

salted caramel almond crunch cookies

There’s no better time to add a new cookie to your repertoire than now, as August winds down and all at once, everyone is back to school. These salted caramel almond crunch cookies are addictive in all the right ways, making them ideal for the kids (lunch box friendly!) or yourself (because I’m a firm…

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Peach Hand Pies | Tutti Dolci

peach hand pies

As the hot oven hits cold pastry, magic happens. This is the best kind of magic, where egg-washed pastry becomes golden and bronzed, and the tree-ripe peach filling becomes sweet and tender. Flaky little peach hand pies are my kind of magic. Cream cheese adds a delicate tenderness to the pastry, which is easy to…

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Raspberry-Almond Blondies | Tutti Dolci

raspberry-almond blondies

I’ve heard it said that blondies are brownies without the chocolate. To me, the two have nothing in common except butter. Blondies stand on their own merit and rightfully so – what’s not to love about a buttery-soft golden bar that tastes of brown sugar and vanilla? While many pans of blondies have made their…

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Coconut-Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Sandwiches | Tutti Dolci

coconut-vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches

Hot August nights call for cool and creamy frozen treats, specifically coconut-vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches. My go-to vanilla bean ice cream is equally excellent with coconut milk subbing in for the dairy, and it seemed only natural to turn the ice cream into an over-the-top ice cream sandwich. Here coconut-vanilla bean ice cream is…

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Peach Pull-Apart Bread | Tutti Dolci

peach pull-apart bread

They say nothing is certain and while I wholeheartedly agree, one thing is certain: bake this peach pull-apart bread and your kitchen will soon be filled with family, friends, neighbors…essentially anyone within range of the sweet-scented yeast bread with peach juices bubbling and brown sugar caramelizing. Drizzled with brown butter-cinnamon glaze, the reward for your…

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Lemon Peach Cake with Honey Whipped Cream | Tutti Dolci

lemon peach cake with honey whipped cream

Perhaps my favorite way to eat peaches is standing over the kitchen sink as the sticky-sweet juice runs down my wrists. Could there be a more quintessential summer experience than that? Since ripe peaches need no adornment to shine, I showcased the fresh slices between citrusy lemon cake layers and plenty of honey whipped cream….

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