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meyer lemon sandwich cookies

March 30, 2015

I’m convinced that the quintessential Spring cookie must be a Meyer lemon sandwich cookie. I intended to make thumbprint cookies but when my cookies lost their shape in the oven, I dreamed up these light and bright sandwich cookies instead. Drizzled with white chocolate and ...

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toasted coconut & lime bread

March 26, 2015

From my first glimpse of toasted coconut and lime bread at Not Quite Nigella, I was smitten. Why I waited four long months to bake this loaf is a mystery, but I urge you not to make my mistake – this bread is simply sublime ...

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malted cookie caramel bars

March 23, 2015

Cookie or bar, caramel or chocolate, salty or sweet? Don’t panic, there’s no need to choose with these cookie caramel bars. Start with a soft and chewy malted cookie crust, add a creamy layer of caramel, and finish with a rich chocolate topper (flaky salt ...

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cinnamon swirl streusel coffee cake

March 19, 2015

Tomorrow officially marks the first day of Spring, also known as coffee cake season. If your calendar resembles mine, the next few weekends are filled with bridal or baby showers, Easter brunch, or simply a craving for a breakfast feast. Enter this cinnamon swirl streusel ...

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chocolate & irish cream pound cake

March 16, 2015

The ultimate finish to our St. Patrick’s Day dessert trifecta is cake, but not just any cake: chocolate and Irish Cream pound cake. I added a splash of Irish Cream to my go-to chocolate pound cake batter, then topped the cake with a lick-the-spoon-good boozy ...

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cookies & (irish) cream doughnuts

March 12, 2015

Let’s continue our St. Patrick’s Day theme with an unexpected twist on breakfast – cookies and Irish Cream doughnuts! Modeled after the classic cookies and cream pairing, I swapped in Baileys Irish Cream for the cream. Crushed chocolate wafers mixed into the batter and sprinkled ...

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irish cream mocha bites

March 9, 2015

There’s no better time than St. Patrick’s Day for boozy Irish Cream treats. These two-bite delights boast a double hit of the liqueur, both in the chocolate drizzled mocha cups and creamy ricotta-Mascarpone filling. Topped with mini chocolate chips, these bites are sure to please ...

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meyer lemon-pistachio tartlets

March 4, 2015

Many of you are familiar with my longstanding crush on Meyer lemons and brown butter (in everything!). However, pairing pistachios with the two is an unexpected yet entirely welcome flavor profile. Roasted pistachios and brown butter add richness to the crust on these tartlets; the ...