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Do you set goals for yourself in the kitchen? Making homemade curd has long been on my “must-make” list, but I was determined to try a different variation than the ubiquitous lemon curd. When my eye caught a basket full of luscious apricots at the store, I instantly thought of apricot curd. While the sweet and tangy curd is certainly a treat on its own, I couldn’t resist incorporating it into a dessert.

The silky smooth curd is the star of this fruit tart. Toasted almonds add a nutty richness to the crust, and fresh apricot slices glazed with honey make a striking topping. As a timesaver, I prepared the curd and tart shell the day ahead of assembly. You’ll have more apricot curd than you’ll need for the tart, but I have an idea or two about how to use the remainder that I’ll share with you soon!

Apricot Curd Tart
Adapted from Cooking Light
Apricot Curd
3 cups sliced apricots
2/3 cup sugar
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
2 Tbsp water
2 large egg yolks
2 Tbsp cornstarch
1/8 tsp salt
1 Tbsp chilled unsalted butter, diced

1 cup flour
1/3 cup powdered sugar
1/4 cup blanched slivered almonds, toasted and finely ground
1/8 tsp salt
7 Tbsp chilled unsalted butter

4 apricots, thinly sliced
1 Tbsp honey

For the apricot curd, combine apricots, sugar, lemon juice, and water in a saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring mixture to a boil (about 5 minutes); reduce heat and simmer 5 minutes. Remove mixture from heat and let stand 5 minutes. Place in a food processor or blender; process until smooth. Strain mixture through a fine-mesh sieve into a bowl and discard solids.

Wipe pan clean and return strained mixture to pan. Whisk together egg yolks and cornstarch in a small bowl until smooth. Stir yolk mixture into apricot mixture; bring to a boil over medium-low heat. Cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly, then remove from heat (the mixture should coat the back of a spoon). Add salt and butter, one piece at a time, stirring until smooth. Place curd into a medium bowl; cover with plastic wrap, pressing it directly onto the surface of the curd to prevent a skin from forming. Chill curd in the refrigerator at least 2 hours or up to 1 1/2 weeks. (Curd yield will be 1 1/4 cups, more than you’ll need for the tart.)

For the crust, preheat oven to 350°F and spray a 9-inch round removable-bottom tart pan with nonstick spray. Pulse flour, powdered sugar, almonds, and salt in a food processor until combined. Dice butter into 1/2-inch pieces; sprinkle over flour mixture and pulse just until mixture resembles coarse meal. Press in the bottom and up the sides of prepared tart pan. Bake for 24 to 25 minutes, until golden. Cool completely on a wire rack. If baking the crust a day ahead of assembling the tart, carefully cover with foil to store overnight.

To assemble tart, spoon 3/4 cup curd over crust; spread evenly with an offset spatula. Arrange sliced apricots over curd in a decorative pattern. Melt honey in a small saucepan over low heat; brush over apricots with a pastry brush. Store leftovers covered in the refrigerator up to 2 days; bring to room temperature before serving.

Apricot Curd
Yield – 1 1/4 cups (serving size: 1 tablespoon)
Calories – 50
Carbs – 10

Apricot Curd Tart
Yield – 10 servings (serving size: 1 wedge)
Calories – 225
Carbs – 29

  1. How is it that you always seem to come to my rescue? I literally just picked up a huge box of freshly picked apricots and was scratching my head hoping an idea would somehow form. I should have known I just had to come here!

  2. Beautiful! I like the apricot curd, the color is so pretty:-) I like that it’s so light with less butter than a standard curd recipe. I love to bake with apricots, this is a wonderful recipe to remember for my next apricot purchase:-)

  3. I feel kind of sorry for apricots because peaches and nectarines always steal the spotlight…this is a wonderful to showcase the shy, little, fuzzy apricot!
    Beautiful presentation!!

  4. This looks fabulous! I definitely would love to try this soon. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with using the apricot curd! 🙂

  5. What an elegant apricot tart! The bright, sunny orange apricot curd mirrors the summer sunshine. I can only imagine the sweet, yet tangy curd puddled under the the apricot slices. A sparkling summer treat!

  6. I definitely have a kitchen bucket list, but it is long. I have been thinking about puff pastry, and trying macarons again:-) I love making lemon curd now, so I love your apricot curd!!! Your tart has a beautiful mix of flavors:-) Hugs, Terra

  7. Hi ,
    Your apricot curd tart is stunning!
    I love fruit tarts in the summer and love how beautiful the crust looks. I love making fruit tarts and just made one yesterday that flopped because of my pastry crust.
    I will have to give this one a shot.

  8. I’ve made lemon curd and now really want to try apricot curd. Your tart is so lovely, Laura. I saw this and wanted to give it a try. Wish I had a slice of yours:)

  9. Laura, this dessert is calling my name! Love lemon and lime curd but haven’t tried apricot but I know it would be wonderful and then in this dessert oh yes!

  10. Like you, I’ve always wanted to make a curd (lemon) for scones. This truly does set this tart apart! Gorgeous photos too! Well done!

  11. I set goals all the time and trust me homemade curt has been on my list too! Your post I feel has given me the nudge I need. I think I’ll try a lemon version of your gorgeous tart! 🙂

  12. can we still be friends if i tell you that i’m not a fan of apricots? it’s not something that i grew up with. however, i am a fan of curd and i think it’s ingenious of you to use apricots in lieu of the usual lemon…

  13. Hi Laura, I’ve been wanting to make apricot curd ever since I made lemon curd recently. I’d love to try plums too – I bet the flavour and colour must be amazing. Your apricot curd looks fantastic – lovely colour, and I bet that tart is wonderful – fantastic use of the curd!

  14. Drool! My kids really started to love apricot this year and this will be such a nice treat. I’ll be on your blog and check your archives as soon as I start baking more. I’m so busy everyday that my family is lucky if I get to cook dinner. I don’t know how people find time to bake?! Once BOTH kids go to school till 2:45pm… I’m going to bake!! Have to wait another 2 more years tho. UGH.

  15. Hi Laura,
    Apricots are one of my absolute favorite fruits. It’s never crossed my mind to make an apricot curd. Now I can’t wait to try it. The tart is like my own little dessert heaven. Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend:)

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