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blood orange & almond scones

February 19, 2015

These scones are everything a good scone should be; the golden exterior with slightly crisp edges yields to a soft and layered center. A shower of fresh blood orange zest and a healthy dose of almond paste lead to a generously flavored scone, welcome with ...

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almond-lemon rolls

February 9, 2015

Baking sweet rolls is always a special time for me. My dough of choice is my grandmother’s recipe, so I can’t help but think of her during those brief but easy hours of dough rising, rolling, and baking. She celebrated a birthday last week, and ...

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mocha almond fudge ice cream

February 5, 2015

A wise person (hi Mom!) once said that ice cream is to be consumed year round, and I’m inclined to agree. I understand that ice cream might be a strange concept when there’s snow on the ground for some of you, but if you’ve never ...

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blood orange cookies

February 2, 2015

Blood oranges are one of those fleeting ingredients I can’t help but snatch up when I see them, taking advantage of the too-brief season. The citrus works beautifully in these sweet little bites, fragrant with blood orange zest and pure almond extract (though if you ...

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almond tea cake with lemon glaze

January 22, 2015

Forgive me for jumping ahead a season, but I find myself longing for spring. Perhaps it’s due to the new Ragdoll kitten I brought home a week ago today? Between chasing toys all over the house and much laughter over her antics, my heart has ...

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chai spice granola

January 12, 2015

Rituals. Do you have any rituals or routines built into your life? Homemade granola is my ritual, something I bake weekly without exception. The recipe is memorized, permanently etched into my mind and if I was the sort of person to sleepwalk, I sometimes think ...

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mocha almond fudge

December 8, 2014

I don’t make much candy throughout the year, but come December, I find myself ready for any and all confections. First up is this impossibly smooth and rich mocha almond fudge, a chocolate lover’s dream! The deep mocha flavor is punctuated by crunchy roasted almonds, ...

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trail mix cookies

October 6, 2014

Trail mix cookies are a study in texture and these chewy cookies are loaded with all my favorites: crunchy almonds, buttery cashews, chewy dried cherries, and plenty of chocolate (a trail mix must!). The sweet and salty mix is simply irresistible – don’t be surprised ...