You know what they say: if one cookie is good, two is better. And two is best when the aforementioned cookies are filled with cookie butter! Once the gold foil seal on the cookie butter jar is split, I’m helpless to resist its charms. Sandwich cookies seemed a bit more virtuous than simply downing the spread one spoonful at a time.

Cookie Butter Sandwich Cookies | Tutti Dolci

Cookie butter gives the soft and chewy brown sugar-oatmeal cookies nice spice; the cookie butter filling is simply divine. If you don’t care for cookie butter (though how could you not?!), try these sandwich cookies with whatever spread you fancy: almond butter, peanut butter, Nutella.

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Thumbnail image for caramelized pear scones

caramelized pear scones

October 16, 2014

Like most bloggers, I have an extensive “to-make” list that I update frequently. I organize my list by category and season, and for the tech-minded among you, I use Evernote so that I can easily update the list whenever I get a new idea, whether ...

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pumpkin spice biscuits

October 13, 2014

I first made these flaky pumpkin spice biscuits several autumns ago and it’s no surprise that my family now requests an annual appearance. Lightly sweetened with maple syrup, the biscuits are infinitely versatile – split open and slather with pumpkin butter or mascarpone for a ...

Thumbnail image for pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars

pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars

October 9, 2014

I like my cheesecake the way I like fudge – in bite-size bars, for all of the indulgence with none of the guilt. With a rich chocolate crust and chocolate swirls, these velvety pumpkin cheesecake bars will please both pumpkin and cheesecake lovers. If cheesecake ...

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trail mix cookies

October 6, 2014

Trail mix cookies are a study in texture and these chewy cookies are loaded with all my favorites: crunchy almonds, buttery cashews, chewy dried cherries, and plenty of chocolate (a trail mix must!). The sweet and salty mix is simply irresistible – don’t be surprised ...

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chai spice palmiers

October 2, 2014

Chai tea is a seasonal craving for me, a drink I yearn for on a chilly afternoon. The warming spices never fail to satisfy and a cookie makes the perfect accompaniment. These chai spice palmiers (really a pastry disguised as a cookie) are my version ...

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caramel apple bars

September 29, 2014

Apple crisp is something of a go-to dessert in our family. My grandma has made countless pans of apple crisp through the years, blessing neighbors and family alike with the familiar fragrance of spiced apples and buttery oatmeal topping. Although these caramel apple bars are ...

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pumpkin graham ice cream sandwiches

September 25, 2014

I hope you haven’t set your ice cream maker aside just yet… you’ll need it for these fall inspired ice cream sandwiches! Take pumpkin spice ice cream (think pumpkin pie filling, frozen) and sandwich it between two brown sugar-graham cookies for one sensational frozen treat. ...