easy chocolate bites

Easy chocolate bites are just the treat to make all season long, ideal for sharing with unexpected guests or indulging in by a cozy fire. Creamy white chocolate with dried cranberries and pistachios makes a festive touch; semisweet chocolate with sweet-tart dried cherries and roasted almonds is decadent enough for even the diehard chocoholic.

Easy Chocolate Bites

Better still, both bites are three-ingredient candies that take less than 15 minutes to make and taste infinitely better than store-bought (my kind of treat!). One tip – prep your toppings before you begin melting the chocolate so you can work quickly before the chocolate sets.

Easy Chocolate Bites

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Cranberry-Apple Maple Bread Pudding

cranberry-apple maple bread pudding

Bread pudding is a nice accompaniment to the Thanksgiving table, especially when flavored with maple syrup, brown sugar, and a splash of whiskey for good measure! I kept the rustic elements of bread pudding intact (because this is not the time to fuss over peeling apples or trimming bread crusts!), but baked it in a…

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Cranberry Crumble Bars

cranberry crumble bars

If I could only eat one dessert for the rest of my life, my instincts tell me that I’d choose a good crumb bar over chocolate or ice cream every time. To me, a crumb bar is easy and comfortable, broken in like my beloved black slippers. A good crumb bar (with the ideal ratio…

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Caramel-Apple Pecan Cheesecake

caramel-apple pecan cheesecake

This post is sponsored by Philadelphia Cream Cheese. As Thanksgiving draws near, many of us will gather around the table with family or friends to share a meal and celebrate our blessings. This is the year to mix things up and add a caramel-apple pecan cheesecake to your dessert table, a most welcome addition to…

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Mocha Almond Fudge Cookies

mocha almond fudge cookies

If mocha almond fudge is your weakness and a steaming mocha is your elixir of choice to contend against obscenely dark and cold November mornings, you must bake these cookies. There’s no shortage of coffee or chocolate here, and homemade candied almonds really make the cookies shine. (If you have a tendency to taste test…

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Maple Cream Scones

maple cream scones

The best way to begin an ominous and rainy morning is with a tray of freshly baked maple cream scones. Soft textured and seemingly light (cream is deceiving that way!), dark brown sugar and maple syrup make these scones a breakfast delight. Finished off with maple cream glaze, these scones are simply scrumptious (and a…

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Peanut Butter Toffee Chocolate Cookies

peanut butter toffee chocolate cookies

If you are as fixated on soft batch-style peanut butter cookies as I am, you must try these peanut butter toffee chocolate cookies. We start with a peanut butter-cream cheese dough and fold in plenty of toffee bits and milk chocolate chunks (I like my cookies studded with mix-ins, don’t you?). A sprinkle of extra…

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Maple Honey Apple Pie

maple honey apple pie

If there was ever a time for pie, it’s now. November is here and with it the return of infinitely long nights. My to-do list is a mile long and the holidays are closing in far too quickly for my comfort. When everything seems uncertain, I’m all for taking a step back and digging in…

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Pumpkin Pecan Brownies

pumpkin pecan brownies

We’ve talked brownies before – I’m a fudgy brownie girl all the way. If you can relate and love both fudgy brownies and all things pumpkin, you will flip for these pumpkin pecan brownies. These are the kind of bars you cut away a sliver at a time until the pan is gone, and share…

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