berry cream scones

If there’s a dreamier breakfast than cream scones dotted with mixed berries, I can’t think of one. Soft and tender, and somehow flaky without even a slip of butter, these scones are simply sublime. You can do no wrong with berries and cream!

Berry Cream Scones | Tutti Dolci

You will have some leftover dough scraps and since I adhere to waste not, want not, I devised an ingenious solution – use a petite (1-inch) biscuit cutter for darling scone bites. Dipped in naturally pink raspberry cream glaze, mornings are suddenly much sweeter.

Berry Cream Scones | Tutti Dolci

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Apricot Amaretto Cookie Bars | Tutti Dolci

apricot amaretto cookie bars

Summer dreams are made of apricots and Amaretto. The sweet almond liqueur is a natural fit with apricots, bringing their flavor to life. In lieu of fresh apricots (the season is oh so short), I soaked dried apricots in Amaretto and layered them over tangy apricot jam. Nestled between a cinnamon-graham crust and crumb topping,…

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Brownie Mint Ice Cream Sandwiches | Tutti Dolci

brownie mint ice cream sandwiches

A scoop of ice cream alone isn’t enough for me; I always want my ice cream with a side of cookie(s) or a bite of chocolate. Enter the ice cream sandwich, the answer to my first-world dessert problem. Up until this weekend, I had never considered the brownie as the canvas for my ice cream…

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Blackberry-Honey Pie | Tutti Dolci

blackberry-honey pie

The thought of baking pie is enough to make many grit their teeth, myself included. I wouldn’t call myself a pie baker, but I’m getting there – my buttermilk crust never lets me down and, with practice, pie has become much less anxiety-inducing and far more rewarding. To top it off, I came across a…

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Blackberry-Almond Rolls | Tutti Dolci

blackberry-almond rolls

A jammy sweet blackberry roll with a steaming mug of coffee is one of life’s small joys. It’s a treat I rarely allow myself, so I savored each bite, wanting the moment to last as long as possible. You too can experience the same joy – a little yeast, flour, sugar (of course!), blackberries, and…

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Salted Peanut Butter Chocolate Popsicles | Tutti Dolci

salted peanut butter chocolate popsicles + a giveaway

Peanut butter lovers will go mad for these cool and creamy pops! Think frozen peanut butter fudge drizzled with chocolate and you’re right on target. Honey sweetened with a hint of cinnamon to lift the rich and creamy peanut butter flavor, you need a stash of these fudge bars in your freezer. Since you all…

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Blackberry-Almond Crumb Cakes | Tutti Dolci

blackberry-almond crumb cakes

Aren’t crumb cakes the loveliest? There’s something about them I find completely irresistible, especially when paired with summer berries. These tender and golden (mini) loaves are dotted with jammy blackberries, perfect for devouring and sharing. Almond paste, a splash of Amaretto, and pure almond extract add a triple dose of intoxicating almond fragrance to the…

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Lemon-Coconut Creamsicles | Tutti Dolci

lemon-coconut creamsicles

If lemons desserts make your heart skip a beat, these lemon-coconut creamsicles belong in your freezer. Sweet, tangy and beyond creamy, the lemon-coconut pairing is sublime. A shower of lemon zest keeps the feel light and bright; coconut milk adds an unbeatable creamy texture. After one bite I’m sure you’ll be as hooked on these…

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Peach Upside-Down Cake | Tutti Dolci

peach upside-down cake

Sweet summer peaches belong in an effortless upside-down cake, an absolute breeze to throw together in a trusty cast iron skillet. Butter, brown sugar, and a splash of bourbon coat the skillet followed by an artful arrangement of peach slices. Spoon the easy cinnamon and vanilla bean batter over the top before popping the skillet…

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